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Training Tips For Dogs In Apartments



Welcome to Jefferson at Westtown, where you’ll experience fine apartment living in West Chester, PA. A dog park, resort-style swimming pool, and a speakeasy wine room are just a few of the many luxuries you’ll enjoy when you lease at our West Chester apartment complex. Have a look at some of the tips we recommend for training your pups while living in an apartment. 

Establish a Relief Routine

As an apartment dweller, the dog will require more attention when he does the deed. Create a schedule so you can both be on the same page and he’ll be able to go at specific times during the day, hopefully during your twice-daily walks.


Hire a Dog Walker or Daycare

If you work away from home and can’t make it back to check on your pet throughout the day, it might be wise to hire someone to do it for you. You can also sign your pup up for daycare and let him or her play with others all day. 


Desensitize Your Furry Friends

Strange noises and people can make a pup anxious and cause him or her to act out by destroying property or barking incessantly throughout the day. It’s important to get your dog used to their environment by allowing them to interact with people living around you. 


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