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5 New Games For Game Night

 Looking to take a step back from screen time this new year but still want to stay connected with friends and family? Let us help you reconnect at Jefferson At Westtown Apartments with the friendly competition of game night. Our apartments for rent in West Chester, PA are conveniently located off Highway 202 and close to the University of West Chester and Downtown West Chester. 


Choose from our many spacious one, two, or three-bedroom floor plans with plenty of space for a casual, laid-back game night with a few of your favorite friends and family. Looking to play games that don’t come in a small box? Our community amenities feature a resort-style swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, a speakeasy wine room, and a clubhouse with larger games like pool. Check out a few game suggestions below that will be perfect for a night in at your new home or community clubhouse. 



Play a Game of Pool or ShuffleBoard at the Club House


Are you and your friends or family looking to get out of the house but don’t want to commit to going far? Plan a night in and come check out the community clubhouse. Featuring classic games such as pool and shuffleboard, it's the perfect space for a one-on-one game or a couples game. If looking to play pool, most players opt to play the common game of Eight Ball. Although it seems pretty straight forward, each team tries to get either stripes or solids into the pocket and finally the eight ball before the other team, the game actually requires a high degree of skill, concentration, and tactical thinking. Also seemingly simple like pool is the 15 or 20 point game of Shuffleboard. To earn points, you try to slide your weights as far down the shuffleboard as possible; however, the strategy of the game comes in when you try to knock off your opponents’ weights or position your own weights around your highest scoring weights to block your opponent. 


Settle in for a Competitive Game of Trivial Pursuit


Trivial Pursuit is another great game to play with a minimum of 2 players where the winner is determined by the player’s or team’s ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions. The great thing about this game is you can purchase the board game or create your own questions catered to your friend and family age groups’ knowledge base. 


Play an Unusual Game of Cards Against Humanity


Looking to play a card game geared toward a more mature audience? Consider playing Cards Against Humanity. With a minimum of 4 plays, but most fun with 6 to 8 players, each round, one player asks a question from a black card and each person answers it with their funniest response from within their own deck of white cards. This game is the perfect way to break the ice with a new group of friends or a simple way to get a great laugh in for the night.


Enjoy a Spin on the Classic Game of Monopoly


Are your friends and family members looking for a more classic game like Monopoly? Consider finding a themed Monopoly game catered to your friends or family's interests. Just like with traditional monopoly, a minimum of 2 players roll dice and move around the board game buying and trading properties. With a themed Monopoly, these properties can change from different tv shows and movie sets to a walk down memory lane with a college-themed board. 


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Are you ready to spend game night in your new home?  Reach out to Jefferson at Westtown today for apartments for rent in West Chester! We are excited to show you around our community. For more information about Jefferson at Westtown contact us at (601) 628-0305 or start your online application today!


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