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5 Apartment Organization Hacks



Are you searching for a new apartment in West Chester, PA to call home? Here at Jefferson at Westtown, we have everything you need to start your new journey. We proudly offer a variety of floor plans for one, two, and three bedroom apartments in West Chester. With luxury resident amenities and top notch in-home features, Jefferson at Westtown is an ideal place to call home. 


We know how hard it is to make your apartment truly feel like a home. That’s why we’ve gathered five hacks on how to effectively organize and design your home to help you achieve your apartment goals. 


Use Mirrors


Using mirrors is a tried and true way to create the illusion of having more space. Mirrors are a wonderful way to reflect the spaces in your apartment to make your room feel larger than it actually is. They also help reflect light, bringing in more natural lighting during the day time. We recommend placing a floor length mirror against the wall so you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls with nails. This way, you also get a nice place to check out your look for the day before you head out!


Add A Friendly House Plant


If you ever feel stuffy in your apartment, a hack we recommend is to go pick up a house plant. This plant can be of any size and can be used as additional decor to spruce up your home. Bringing in the fresh air and adding a pop of green color around your home is a sure way to reinvigorate the whole place.


Invest In a Large Rug


Another easy way to create the look of more space is to place a larger rug in the center of the space. Having a distinct area mapped out on the floor that extends from the furniture will draw attention to a wider space instead of a smaller rug that would be interpreted as much as its size is limited. Rugs are also an easy way to incorporate patterns, designs, and colors that match and pull the whole look of the place together. 


Get a Statement Furniture Piece


Investing in a bold piece of furniture can make all the difference in a space. Striking colors or designs can create a focal point where eyes will be drawn to and thus, the room’s smaller size will be overlooked. You can also implement the same idea by playing around with different textures of throw blankets or pillows on a couch for a less costly effort. 


Place a Fun Doormat Outside


Sometimes we all need a little pick me up in the day. Coming home to a fun message on a doormat can cheer you up and recharge you for the next day. Your apartment is an expression of who you are and getting a whimsical doormat can show your guests that they’re welcome even before they step inside.

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If you’re in the market for a luxury apartment in West Chester, PA take a look at Jefferson at Westtown, you won’t be disappointed at what you see! Begin your next steps with us by applying here to create an online account or call us at (610) 628-0305.


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